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Ae Ajnabi - O stranger: Translation for a beautiful song.

On a translation spree, I have attempted a poetical translation to this beautiful poetry by Gulzat sa'ab. Again, English doesn't do justice to the poetry; but oh so true:

Aye ajnabi tu bhi kabhi aawaaz de kahin se
Main yahan tukdon mein jee raha hoon
Tu kahin tukdon mein jeen rahi hai

Roz roz resham si hawa aate jaate kehti hai bata
Resham si hawa kehti hai bata
Vo jo doodh dhuli masoom kali
Vo hai kahan kahan hai
Vo roshni kahan hai vo jaansi kahan hai
Main adhoora tu adhoori jee rahein hain

Tu to nahin hai lekin teri muskurahatein hain
Chehra nahin hai par teri aahatein hain
Tu hai kahan kahan hai
Tera nishaan kahan hai
Mera jahan kahan hai
Main adhoora tu adhoori jee rahein hai

O love! You too, call me from somewhere.
I live here, broken hearted
You spend your life, somewhere. Incomplete.

Everyday, a satin like wind.
The satin like wind, tells me
That pure, innocent child.
Where is she, where is it?
Where is the light, where the life-spirit?
Incomplete, alone - we spend our life.

I don't see you, but there is your nymph-smile
I see no face, but I see a shadow.
Where are you, where?
Where do i find you?
Where is my world?
Incomplete, you and I - wasting our life.
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